Our Services


Responsible Innovation

We offer consulting services to help businesses develop and deploy AI and machine-learning models in a way that mitigates reputational and compliance risk, and better aligns with your values. 

Algorithmic Auditing

Independent Auditors of AI

We’ve developed an Ethical Algorithm Auditing framework to ensure that these algorithms do not compromise the trust you’ve built with your clients and employees.

Pro Bono

AI for Good

If you’re a small business, school, or public-serving institution, we offer light-touch technical and ethical consultation for free. We also fund the open-source Algorithmic Bias Lab.

Why us?

Proven Methods

We helped our clients avoid ethical, reputational, and compliance risks using our auditing framework and proven strategies cultivated through years of experience.

Professional Research

Our team consists of professional academics that contribute to cutting-edge research in responsible innovation and machine intelligence.