BABL AI Webinar Addresses Compliance Challenges in High-Risk AI Employment Tools

Written by Jeremy Werner

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Posted on 01/09/2024
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As the regulatory landscape intensifies for AI in employment decisions, with NYC Local Law  144 and the forthcoming EU AI Act, BABL AI takes the lead in guiding users and developers through compliance. Join our webinar on Tuesday, January 16 at 12 p.m. EST U.S./Canada to gain insights into preparing for audits, focusing on NYC Local Law  144, and implementing controls aligned with the upcoming EU AI Act. Learn the essential steps to ensure your automated employment tools meet regulatory standards and adhere to anti-discrimination laws. Stay ahead in AI compliance with BABL AI’s expertise. You can learn more and register for the webinar here.


For those curious about BABL AI’s services, don’t hesitate to reach out; their team of Audit Experts can provide valuable insights.


About BABL AI:


Since 2018, BABL AI has been auditing and certifying AI systems, consulting on responsible AI best practices and offering online education on related topics. BABL AI’s overall mission is to ensure that all algorithms are developed, deployed, and governed in ways that prioritize human flourishing.

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