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As artificial intelligence rapidly transforms industries and job markets, how can you
equip yourself with the skills needed to ensure that AI is used to promote human flourishing?

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AI and Algorithm Auditor Certification Program

This program bundles 5 courses into an exclusive certification designed for aspiring AI and Algorithm Auditors. Plus, you’ll receive a complimentary bonus mini-course, “Finding Your Role in AI Ethics Consulting.”

That is a $3,094 value for just:

EU AI Act - Quality Management System Certification Program

This program bundles 4 courses into an exclusive certification designed for risk and compliance professionals as a deep dive into the critical aspects of AI risk management and regulatory compliance.

That is a $1,920 value for just:

Finding your place in AI Ethics Consulting

This mini-course will outline the most common tasks performed in AI ethics consulting, and give practical advice for finding your place in this rapidly growing field.

Understanding Algorithmic Bias

This course will give students a comprehensive understanding of what algorithmic bias is, the many kinds of AI bias, how these biases can affects various AI systems, and ways to help mitigate bias in AI.

EU AI Act: Conformity Requirements for High-Risk Systems

This course on the EU AI Act is designed to help developers of high-risk AI systems navigate the complex regulatory landscape and ensure compliance with the Act’s requirements.

Algorithms, AI & Machine Learning

This intensive crash course delves into Automated Decision (Augmentation) Systems, tailored to empower non-technical consultants, risk analysts, and policy experts with a deeper understanding of these cutting-edge technologies.

AI Governance and Risk Management

This course encompasses crucial subjects such as AI governance, risk mitigation, and regulatory aspects of AI systems, essential knowledge for aspiring AI Auditors.

Algorithmic Risk & Impact Assessments

This course teaches you a systematic approach to algorithmic risk and ethical impact assessments, which is a necessary skill for practitioners in the space of emerging technology.

Bias, Accuracy, and the
Statistics of AI Testing

This course covers topics in technical testing of AI and Algorithmic Systems needed for Auditors.

Algorithm Auditing & Assurance

This intensive crash course delves into Automated Decision (Augmentation) Systems, tailored to empower non-technical consultants, risk analysts, and policy experts with a deeper understanding of these cutting-edge technologies.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what our graduates have to say…
Thanks to the rigorous program at BABL AI, I am now equipped with the expertise to consult companies and governments on responsible AI. I can guide organizations in building AI products that prioritize fairness, transparency, and explainability.

Additionally, I can assist in sourcing AI products that adhere to responsible AI principles, educate customers about the risks associated with generative and discriminative AI, develop responsible AI governance capabilities, and collaborate with governments to implement responsible AI initiatives. My journey with BABL AI has been a remarkable one.

– Abhinav

Throughout the course, I gleaned a framework for the science, laws and critical thinking behind AI auditing. Dr. Shea Brown and his team provided an excellent balance of theoretical knowledge and practical applications so that I could feel confident in working with a team to identify, analyze and test risks of the systems all around us… BABL AI created a welcoming environment for people regardless of professional background. I felt confident in scaling my knowledge and skills without a science background and also in my lived experience being respected as part of the auditing process.

– Luna

I have done many training programs in the field of AI Ethics and AI Assessments and/or Audits and I can say that the AI and Algorithm Auditor Certificate Program from BABL AI is definitely one of the best on the market. Prof. Shea Brown does an excellent job both as Instructor and Mentor. Shea and the BABL AI team were always kind and helpful. We did a cohort based training as the first movers, I must admit that the cohort was amazing and made the training a great journey but it is also suitable for individuals who can do it on their own, adjusting their pace with their other responsibilities.

– Mert

What I particularly appreciated about this program was its ability to strengthen my understanding in areas where my knowledge was previously relatively limited. The content was not only thoroughly well-balanced, covering both foundational and advanced topics, but also very engaging and interesting. The unique nature of the program really stood out; despite my extensive search for similar courses, none matched the depth and relevance in risk management offered here.

-Tony HibbertAI Governance Expert, ING Bank