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AI Governance Report & Auditor Training
020. AI Governance and Report & Audit Training – Lunchtime BABLing This week we discuss our recent report “The Current State of AI Governance”, which is the culmination of a year-long research project looking into the effectiveness of AI governance controls. Full report here:   We also discuss our new training program, the “AI &...
Interrogating Large Language Models with Jiahao Chen
019. Interrogating Large Language Models with Jaihao Chen On this week’s Lunchtime BABLing (#19) we talk with Jiahao Chen; data scientist, researcher, and founder of Responsible Artificial Intelligence LLC. We discuss the evolving debate around large language models (LLMs) and their derivatives (ChatGPT, Bard, Bing AI Chatbot, etc.), including: 1: Do systems like ChatGPT reason?...
The 5 Skills you NEED for AI Auditing
018. The 5 Skills you NEED for AI Auditing – Lunchtime BABLing You need way more than “five skills” to be an AI auditor, but there are five areas of study that auditors need basic competency in if they want to do the kinds of audits that BABL AI performs. This is part of our...
The Current State of AI Governance
Our interdisciplinary team at the Algorithmic Bias Lab has produced one of the very first comprehensive reports on the current state of organizational AI governance. The report, partly funded by Notre Dame-IBM Technology Ethics Lab, is a result of a yearlong study which utilized surveys, interviews, and a literature review to examine the internal governance...
Compliance Strategies for AI/ML Technologies & Automated Tools: What In-House Professionals Need to Know
BABL AI CEO Dr. Shea Brown was invited to talk with  Mariah Jaworski from Clark Hill and Managing Director Carol Piovesan from INQ Consulting to talk about various laws, legislative proposals and technical guidance into actionable compliance strategies for organizations that use AI/ML technologies and automated decision-making tools.  In this panel discussion they talk about: ...
Criteria-Based Bias Audit
017. Criteria-based Bias Audit – Lunchtime BABLing On this week’s Lunchtime BABLing, Shea goes over the difference between a direct engagement audit vs. an attestation engagement audit and give examples from our criteria-based attestation audit for NYC Local Law No. 144. Available on YouTube, Streamcast and all major Podcast streaming platforms.

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