Responsible AI

BABL AI helps ensure that your algorithms are safe, fair, and prioritize human flourishing.

Our Consulting Offerings

Whether you’re preparing for compliance with emerging AI regulations or aspiring to lead in
Responsible AI within your industry, BABL AI is your trusted partner. Since 2018, BABL AI has
assisted organizations of all sizes in enhancing their AI capabilities. From nimble startups to global
enterprises, our expertise spans diverse fields, fostering Responsible AI advancements.

Algorithm Risk and Impact Assessment

BABL AI conducts comprehensive evaluations of your company’s algorithms, assessing ethical, safety, compliance, liability, and reputational risks. Our in-depth Risk and Impact Assessments focus on uncovering and evaluating the myriad of risks associated with your algorithm as a socio-technical system. This consultative service typically consists of two components a thorough Risk or Impact Assessment paired with a Bias Assessment.

Responsible AI Governance Gap Analysis

Our assessment of your company’s existing Responsible AI practices and governance is evaluated with the latest standards, emerging regulations, and industry best practices. We also offer comprehensive recommendations to help your organization prioritize the key steps necessary to establish a robust and effective responsible AI governance program.

EU AI Act Preparation

BABL AI offers specialized consulting services designed to guide organizations of all sizes through the complexities of achieving compliance with the EU AI Act. Our team of experts leverages years of experience in AI compliance to provide tailored solutions that not only ensure regulatory adherence but also enhance your organization's AI strategy and operational readiness.

Responsible AI Implementation Guidance

BABL AI offers expert guidance for seamlessly integrating AI solutions into your organization, prioritizing Ethical AI best practices and ensuring full compliance with AI governance standards.

Corporate Training in Responsible AI

We specialize in creating and offering tailored Responsible AI training and compliance courses to meet the upskilling requirements of your businesses. These courses cover a wide range of topics, such as technical bias audits and ethical risk analyses, utilizing proprietary BABL AI methodologies.

Responsible AI Consulting for Generative AI

Let BABL AI help your organization put together a Responsible AI initiative for your Generative AI System. We will put together a use case specific risk and impact assessment, along with a governance gap analysis, and a bias assessment of your GenAI system to help you be leaders in your field.

Want something specialized?

Let us know what your organization needs, and we will provide expert guidance in developing and implementing ethical AI strategies, ensuring compliance with regulations, and fostering trust in your AI systems. Elevate your AI initiatives with our specialized Responsible AI consulting.

Red Teaming

For organizations needing external red teaming assessments of LLMs or help with internal testing and evaluation, BABL AI offers technical and risk-based red teaming services and training.

BABL AI can help with all your AI Audit and Compliance needs.
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