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BABL Sponsors ForHumanity Conference

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BABL is a proud associate sponsor of ForHumanity’s AT->GO conference, where the community is coming together to discuss the future of AI Governance. Our CEO Shea […]

Are you a robot? Podcast

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Our own Shea Brown I had a great time talking with Demetrios Brinkmann about auditing AI and machine learning systems on the Are You A […]

Algorithm Auditing Framework

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What is an “algorithm audit”? Is it the same for every algorithm in every context? What metrics are important, and how do you connect these […]

AI in the Government

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BABL CEO Shea Brown recently participated in an RMDS panel on “Data Science and AI in Government: Challenges & Applications”. The video will be posted […]

Turning the Tables: Scoring the Algorithms that Score Us

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The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning has led to powerful algorithms that have the potential to improve lives on an unprecedented scale. […]

Transparency & Accountability

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Shea Brown takes a closer look at what the recent SAT cheating scandal tells us about the future of AI transparency and accountability in EdTech. […]

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