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Written by Jeffery Recker

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of BABL AI.
Posted on 03/18/2024
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In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, the conversation around ethics has never been more critical. The latest episode of the Lunchtime BABLing Podcast, is a Live Webinar Q&A Recording titled “Finding Your Place in AI Ethics Consulting,” offers a treasure trove of insights for anyone intrigued by the intersection of AI and ethical considerations. Hosted by Shea Brown, CEO of BABL AI, this webinar is a beacon for professionals navigating the nuanced world of AI ethics consulting.

A Journey into AI Ethics Consulting

The episode kicks off with Shea Brown’s personal journey into the realm of AI ethics, setting the stage for a deep dive into what it means to consult in this field. Listeners are treated to the origin story of BABL AI, from its conceptualization to the challenges and milestones encountered along the way. This narrative is not just about a company; it’s about a mission to instill ethical considerations at the heart of AI development and deployment.

Expert Insights and Practical Advice

Shea doesn’t hold back on sharing his wealth of experience in algorithm auditing for ethical risks and the intricacies of navigating AI’s ethical landscape. The episode shines a light on the crucial role of AI ethics in today’s technology-driven world, emphasizing the importance of bias detection, ethical risk assessment, and effective governance in AI technologies.

Engaging Q&A Highlights

One of the episode’s highlights is the live Q&A session, where Shea addresses a wide range of queries from the audience. Questions span the spectrum from how to enroll in AI ethics courses and the role of lawyers in AI audits, to the philosophical underpinnings essential for practitioners in the field. This segment is a goldmine for anyone looking to pivot their career towards AI ethics consulting or deepen their understanding of the field.

A Guide to Career Pivoting

For those considering a career shift, Shea offers invaluable advice on pivoting into AI ethics consulting. He stresses the importance of understanding regulatory frameworks, finding one’s niche, and the blend of skills required to thrive in this interdisciplinary domain. Moreover, Shea provides a high-level overview of the auditing process, delineating between assessments and formal audits, and discusses the burgeoning demand for AI ethics consulting.

Exclusive Opportunities for Listeners

Listeners of the podcast and viewers of the webinar are offered exclusive opportunities to delve deeper into the world of AI ethics consulting. With the coupon code “FREEFINDING,” interested individuals can access the “Finding Your Place in AI Ethics Consulting” course for free. Additionally, the code “BABLING” unlocks a 20% discount on all BABL AI courses, opening doors to further exploration and professional development in the field.

Embark on Your AI Ethics Journey

Whether you’re just starting out in the field of AI or looking to enrich your understanding of AI ethics, this episode of Lunchtime BABLing is an essential listen. Shea Brown’s insights, coupled with practical advice and real-world experiences, offer listeners a comprehensive guide to carving out a niche in AI ethics consulting. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the field’s pioneers and take your first steps towards making a meaningful impact in the world of artificial intelligence.

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