South Korea and U.S. Establish Bilateral AI Working Group

Written by Jeremy Werner

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Posted on 04/19/2024
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South Korea and the United States have taken a significant step forward in their technological collaboration by launching a bilateral working group focused on AI. The initiative, announced jointly on April 12 by the foreign ministries of both countries, aims to bolster tech cooperation and advance joint research endeavors.


The establishment of the working group was formalized during the inaugural South Korea-U.S. Next Generation Critical and Emerging Technologies Dialogue held in Seoul last December. This milestone underscores the commitment of both nations to deepen their partnership in the field of AI.


In the inaugural meeting of the working group, representatives from both sides engaged in constructive discussions regarding various aspects of AI collaboration. They particularly emphasized the importance of the upcoming “AI Seoul Summit,” scheduled for May, and pledged to collaborate on developing international standards, promoting joint research initiatives, and fostering interoperability in AI policies.


The formation of this working group marks a significant development in the tech alliance between South Korea and the United States. It builds upon the momentum generated by President Yoon Suk Yeol’s state visit to Washington in April last year, during which both nations reaffirmed their commitment to enhancing cooperation in technological domains.


Among the attendees at the inaugural gathering were officials from the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Office of the Presidential Secretary for Economic Security from South Korea. From the United States, representatives included Acting Special Envoy for Core and Emerging Technology Seth Center, along with officials from the White House and the Department of Commerce.


Looking ahead, the working group aims to maintain regular meetings to facilitate ongoing discussions on global AI standards and research cooperation. This collaborative effort reflects the shared commitment of South Korea and the United States to harness the potential of AI for the benefit of both nations and the global community.


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