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BABL AI Celebrates First Graduates from AI Auditing Certification Program

BABL AI Celebrates First Graduates from AI Auditing Certification Program

BABL AI proudly announces the graduation of Luna Olavarria Gallegos and Abhinav Mittal, the first students to complete the company’s AI and Algorithm Auditors Certification Program. This milestone marks the beginning of a series of successes as BABL AI continues to empower individuals with essential skills in understanding and auditing AI systems.

Gallegos and Mittal successfully completed BABL AI’s rigorous certification program. This five-part online course has equipped both with invaluable insights, enabling them to identify risks associated with AI systems effectively. The program also delved into mastering AI governance best practices and contemporary techniques in modern AI and Machine Learning development.

Gallegos said BABL AI’s course was in-depth, yet accessible, stating, “Throughout the course, I gleaned a framework for the science, laws and critical thinking behind AI auditing. Dr. Shea Brown and his team provided an excellent balance of theoretical knowledge and practical applications so that I could feel confident in working with a team to identify, analyze and test risks of the systems all around us. Most importantly, BABL AI created a welcoming environment for people regardless of professional background.“

Excited about his achievement, Mittal expressed his excitement and gratitude on LinkedIn, acknowledging the expert guidance of Dr. Shea Brown and the unwavering support from the BABL AI community. He stated, “Thanks to the rigorous program at BABL AI, I am now equipped with the expertise to consult companies and governments on responsible AI. I can guide organizations in building AI products that prioritize fairness, transparency, and explainability. Additionally, I can assist in sourcing AI products that adhere to responsible AI principles, educate customers about the risks associated with generative and discriminative AI, develop responsible AI governance capabilities, and collaborate with governments to implement responsible AI initiatives. My journey with BABL AI has been a remarkable one.”

Dr. Brown praised Mittal and other students for their outstanding work in the program. He highlighted the production of deep-dive case studies, algorithmic risk assessments, risk management policies/procedures, and technical testing plans, showcasing the practical skills gained through the certification.

The significance of Gallegos’ and Mittal’s accomplishments extends beyond personal achievement. As the AI job market is poised to impact 80% of jobs, and the global AI market is projected to reach nearly $2 trillion by 2030, Gallegos and Mittal emerge not only as valuable members of the AI community equipped to navigate the ethical challenges surrounding AI. Speaking about his certification, Mittal emphasized its broader commitment, saying, “It’s a commitment to ensure that the AI systems we develop and deploy are ethical, fair, transparent, accountable, explainable, safe, and respect confidentiality and privacy.”

BABL AI, committed to fostering Responsible AI practices, offers six individual comprehensive courses, including “Finding your place in AI Ethics Consulting,” “Algorithms, AI, & Machines Learning,” “Algorithmic Risk & Impact Assessments,” “AI Governance & Risk Management,” “Bias, Accuracy, & the Statistic of AI Testing,” and “Algorithm Auditing & Assurance,”as well as a full “AI and Algorithm Auditor Certification” that includes all six courses. Aspiring professionals seeking to contribute to ethical AI development are invited to explore these courses and join the ranks of those, like Luna and Mittal, dedicated to ensuring a future where AI enhances human flourishing.

If you have any questions about any of BABL AI’s courses or audit services, feel free to reach out to one of BABL AI’s audit experts here

About BABL AI:

Since 2018, BABL AI has been auditing and certifying AI systems, consulting on responsible AI best practices and offering online education on related topics. BABL AI’s overall mission is to ensure that all algorithms are developed, deployed, and governed in ways that prioritize human flourishing.