BABL AI Chief Ethics Officer Attends Conference on Effects of AI on Democracy and Liberalism

Written by Jeremy Werner

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Posted on 04/30/2024
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BABL AI’s Chief Ethics Officer participated in the 23rd Annual McCain Conference, sponsored by the United States Naval Institute (USNI). Dr. Jovana Davidovic attended the prestigious event that took place between April 18-19 at the Jack C. Taylor Conference Center (JCTCC) in Annapolis, Maryland. This prestigious event, made possible through the generosity of Mrs. Cindy McCain and Michael Bloomberg, commemorates the legacy of Senator John McCain (USNA Class of 1958). The conference serves as a platform for distinguished academics, military officers, faculty, and Midshipmen to delve into pressing ethical topics pertinent to military operations.


This year’s conference, themed “Liberal Democracy – Challenges, Critics, Solutions,” featured enlightening discussions on the complexities facing liberal democracies worldwide. Scheduled panel sessions and keynote addresses tackled issues ranging from economic populism to the ethical implications of emerging technologies. Dr. Davidovic was joined on stage by Dr. Cass Sunstein, as the two held a technology panel where they discussed democracy in the digital age, AI, regulation and other topics.


You can watch the panel HERE. If you are looking to learn more about AI Audits and how the AI regulatory landscape could impact your organization today, feel free to reach out to BABL AI and one of our Audit experts will be happy to help you. 



About BABL AI:


Since 2018, BABL AI has been auditing and certifying AI systems, consulting on responsible AI best practices and offering online education on related topics. BABL AI’s overall mission is to ensure that all algorithms are developed, deployed, and governed in ways that prioritize human flourishing.


About McCain Conference: 


The annual McCain Conference brings together distinguished academics, military officers, faculty and Midshipmen to explore a timely ethics topic relevant to military operations. The conference was endowed in 2001 through a gift from Mrs. Cindy McCain in honor of her husband, Senator John McCain (USNA Class of 1958), and is funded in part by a generous gift from Michael Bloomberg.

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