BABL AI’s Chief Ethics Officer Discusses AI’s Impact on Education with RadioStockdale

Written by Jeremy Werner

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Posted on 01/17/2024
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BABL AI‘s Chief Ethics Officer, Jovana Davidovic, recently participated in an extensive conversation with RadioStockdale. The discussion took place on the RadioStockdale podcast, produced by the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership at the U.S. Naval Academy and hosted by USNA graduate Michael Shear. The insightful conversation spanned two episodes, offering valuable insights into various AI topics. 


In the first episode, accessible HERE, Davidovic delves into the nuanced realm of AI, exploring its implications for education. The conversation spans topics from the meaning of Personalized Learning and its AI applications to the distinctions between intelligent tutoring systems and personalized learning. Davidovic navigates the integration of automated grading and feedback into the teacher’s workflow, addressing questions of fairness. Throughout the episode, Davidovic provides valuable insights into the ethical dimensions of AI.


In the second episode, available HERE, delved deeper into AI’s educational impact. She explores the role of Data Analytics and AI in shaping educational landscapes. The conversation highlights the potential of AI to analyze extensive educational data, providing insights into student performance and engagement trends. Davidovic emphasizes the transformative impact on education, enabling educators to make informed decisions, identify struggling students early, implement interventions, and enhance curriculum design. Overall, she discusses the challenges surrounding AI, including bias, transparency, privacy, and other ethical considerations.


Speaking about the interview, Davidovic says she really liked that Shear was able to bring nuance to the discussion. She said Shear was able to find a balance between the benefits and risks when it comes to AI.

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