The Use and Regulation of AI in Hiring with Dr. Frida Polli

Written by Jeffery Recker

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of BABL AI.
Posted on 02/12/2023
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014. Lunchtime BABLing – The Use and Regulations of AI in Hiring with Dr. Frida Polli

Today on Lunchtime BABLing, Shea talks with the Chief Data Science Officer at Harver, Dr. Frida Polli. Prior to being at Harver, Frida was the founder and CEO of Pymetrics.

On this episode they talk about:

1. How AI is being used in hiring,

2. What it takes to use it responsibly,

3. Her own journey through this space,

4. Reflections on upcoming regulations, including the recent New York City Local Law 144 and the EU AI Act.

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