BABL AI CEO Leads Panel on AI Auditing at IAPP AI Governance Global 2024

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Posted on 06/03/2024
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BABL AI CEO Dr. Shea Brown will be speaking at the IAPP AI Governance Global 2024 conference, along with other leading experts in AI and algorithmic auditing. Dr. Brown and others will come together in Brussels June 4-5 to discuss the future of AI governance and the vital role of the International Association of Algorithmic Auditors (IAAA). Dr. Brown will be specifically speaking at the panel, titled “Covering the Last Mile of Accountability and Oversight: AI Auditing,” on Wednesday, June 5 in Copper Hall at which also features Gemma Galdon-Clavell, Founder and CEO of Eticas AI, alongside Emmanuel Kahembwe, Expert Advisor to the AI Act Taskforce at the European Parliament and CEO of VDE. The session will be moderated by Ashley Casovan, Managing Director of the AI Governance Center, IAPP.


The panel will present the International Association of Algorithmic Auditors (IAAA), marking the first trade enterprise dedicated to bringing together practitioners in AI auditing to professionalize and standardize the field. Panelists will present advanced AI auditing methodologies and relevant use cases, highlighting how algorithmic auditing integrates with other data protection practices to create a comprehensive oversight ecosystem for AI and data systems.


The panel will cover key learning points, including understanding the profound effects of algorithmic systems on various aspects of daily life, such as hiring processes and banking services, and how AI often marginalizes outliers. It will explore the primary mechanisms for addressing discrimination and bias perpetuated by these systems. Additionally, the discussion will emphasize the critical role AI governance will play in safeguarding fundamental human rights in the age of AI. Gemma Galdon-Clavell, PhD, a renowned expert in AI ethics and governance, along with other distinguished panelists, will delve into how algorithmic auditing can ensure transparent and accountable AI systems. The IAAA aims to establish a global standard for AI auditing, ensuring that AI technologies are developed and deployed responsibly.


To look at a complete agenda for the IAPP AI Governance Global 2024 conference, please click this link. If you are looking to learn more about AI Audits and how the AI regulatory landscape could impact your organization today, feel free to reach out to BABL AI and one of our Audit experts will be happy to help you. 


About BABL AI:


Since 2018, BABL AI has been auditing and certifying AI systems, consulting on responsible AI best practices and offering online education on related topics. BABL AI’s overall mission is to ensure that all algorithms are developed, deployed, and governed in ways that prioritize human flourishing.


About IAAA:


The IAAA is a preeminent professional association   dedicated   to   advancing   excellence   in   algorithmic   auditing. Comprising leading experts and thought leaders in the field, the IAAA sets the benchmark   for   industry   best   practices   and   fosters   collaboration   among professionals in this dynamic field.


About IAPP AI Governance Global 2024:

The IAPP AI Governance Global conference brings together thought leaders and experts from around the world to discuss the latest developments and challenges in AI governance and data protection.

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