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AI Governance Report & Auditor Training

020. AI Governance and Report & Audit Training – Lunchtime BABLing

This week we discuss our recent report “The Current State of AI Governance”, which is the culmination of a year-long research project looking into the effectiveness of AI governance controls.

Full report here:  

We also discuss our new training program, the “AI & Algorithm Auditor Certificate Program“, which starts in May 2023.

This program has courses and certifications in 5 key areas necessary for AI auditing and Responsible AI in general:

1: Algorithms, AI, & Machine Learning

2: Algorithmic Risk & Impact Assessments

3: AI Governance & Risk Management

4: Bias, Accuracy, & the Statistics of AI Testing

5: Algorithm Auditing & Assurance

Early pricing can be found here:   

Available on YouTube, Simplecast, and all major Podcast streaming platforms.