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BABL AI Testifies on NYC Bias Law

The City of New York passed Local Law 144, which requires yearly “bias audits” of automated employment decision tools (AEDTs). The NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection held a public hearing today to accept testimony on the law prior to enacting new rules for penalties associated with violations. BABL […]

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Using AI Ethically in Online Testing

How can test publishers and EdTech vendors use AI in their products “while still upholding fairness and avoiding discrimination and bias?” Shea Brown participates in ATP Global’s 2021 Security Summit: Assessment Excellence & Transparency with AI, on a panel entitled Using AI to Ethically Enhance the Security of Systems and Intellectual […]

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BABL Sponsors ForHumanity Conference

BABL is a proud associate sponsor of ForHumanity’s AT->GO conference, where the community is coming together to discuss the future of AI Governance. Our CEO Shea Brown will be speaking on two panels: “Practitioners’ corner – Audit”: 8 Sept. at 11 am EST “Plugging in AT->GO Ecosystem”: 9 Sept. at 1 pm […]

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Are you a robot? Podcast

Our own Shea Brown I had a great time talking with Demetrios Brinkmann about auditing AI and machine learning systems on the Are You A Robot? podcast.

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Algorithm Auditing Framework

What is an “algorithm audit”? Is it the same for every algorithm in every context? What metrics are important, and how do you connect these metrics to the interests of real people? Three years ago when Jovana Davidovic, Ali Hasan, and I were confronted with the prospect of doing one of these […]

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Turning the Tables: Scoring the Algorithms that Score Us

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning has led to powerful algorithms that have the potential to improve lives on an unprecedented scale. However, with greater capabilities comes greater potential for harm to civil liberties. This past year was a bad year for AI, with public scandals emerging […]

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