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Dozens of Countries Declare Cooperation on AI

Dozens of Countries Declare Cooperation on AI

While the United States grappled with AI in its own way last week, an agreement between 28 countries, including the U.S., and the European Union was recently published. On November 1, Britain released the “Bletchley Declaration,” published on the opening day of the AI Safety Summit. The Declaration aims to boost global cooperation efforts on AI safety.

The Declaration affirms the need for the safe and responsible development of AI to realize both its benefits and risks. It emphasizes that AI presents enormous opportunities to enhance human well-being and achieve sustainability goals. However, it also underlines that the risks must be examined and addressed through international cooperation moving forward. This international cooperation looks to promote inclusive growth, protect rights, and build public trust.

The Declaration recognizes that AI is being deployed across many aspects of life and that now is a unique moment in human time to act on the opportunities and risks before it’s too late. The Declaration highlights particular safety concerns with advanced AI capabilities that could match or exceed today’s models, posing a risk of harm from misuse or control issues. It calls for an urgent understanding of frontier AI risks and actions, planning to address them through existing forums and initiatives while resolving to work together to ensure human-centric, trustworthy, and responsible AI for all mankind.

The Declaration urges a pro-innovation governance approach that maximizes benefits while accounting for risks along the way. It notes the relevance of common principles and codes of conduct in the field of AI. Because of that, the Declaration calls for inclusive engagement with partners to build AI capacity on a global scale while ensuring safety through evaluations, testing, and transparency. The Declaration sets an agenda to identify shared risks, build understanding, collaborate on evaluation and research, and support the international network on AI safety.

The AI Safety Summit plans to meet again in 2024. While no date has been set, it’s expected to be hosted in France.

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