Global Consulting Firm: Case Study

Written by Jeffery Recker

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of BABL AI.
Posted on 12/05/2023
In Case Study

Global Consulting Firm: Case Study


A global consulting firm recognized the increasing regulatory mandates for Responsible AI (RAI) and the need to equip its Partners with the necessary knowledge to discuss AI auditing and assurance engagements at the board level With thousands of Partners across multiple regulatory regimes, ensuring a consistent and comprehensive understanding of AI auditing and assurance best practices was a daunting task.



BABL AI developed a scalable and interactive training program tailored to the firm’s specific needs and industry context. Utilizing a blend of online modules, live workshops, and practical case studies, we ensured that Partners gained a solid grasp of AI auditing and assurance best practices. BABL AI’s experts were also made available for Q&A sessions, providing additional support and clarification when needed.


Equipping Partners with the knowledge to discuss relevant AI risks at the board level effectively is anticipated to generate tens of millions of dollars in AI advisory engagements over the next two years and position the firm as a leader in the market.

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