Silicon Valley Autonomous Vehicle Company: Case Study

Written by Shea Brown

Posted on 11/22/2023
In Case Study

Silicon Valley Autonomous Vehicle Company: Case Study


A prominent Silicon Valley autonomous vehicle (AV) company must make clear whether its existing AI Governance controls successfully mitigate potential risks of its high-impact and unique AI technology and whether the firm lives up to its aspiration of industry leadership in Responsible AI.



BABL AI conducted an algorithm ethical risk and AI governance assessment to evaluate the state of AI Governance controls relative to emerging industry standards and the unique risks posed by the client’s AI in their large-scale use context. This assessment included over 30 complex and interacting machine learning algorithms developed and maintained by over six development teams.


Assurance that the client has done its due diligence to mitigate the unique risks of their AI technology, including documenting good faith efforts to mitigate these risks and an actionable roadmap for living up to the aspired industry leadership.

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