Leading AI EdTech Vendor: Case Study

Written by Shea Brown

Posted on 11/22/2023
In Case Study

Leading EdTech Vendor: Case Study


A leading EdTech vendor comes under intense public and regulatory scrutiny for potential bias in its core AI product, eroding clients’ trust and initiating costly lawsuits and Senatorial inquiries.


BABL AI is engaged to help develop a responsible AI strategy including:

  1. Conduct a bias assessment of their core face detection algorithm, focusing on mitigating potential sources of societal bias in training data.

  2. Develop and execute an ethical risk and impact assessment, identifying key ethical risks and governance mechanisms for mitigating those risks.

  3. Implement a data quality and model monitoring program, with demonstrated success measured through continuous improvement and reduced bias in production algorithms.


Through iterative improvement and transparent bias assessment documentation, the vendor can build public trust, address regulatory inquiries in good faith, and retain critical clients.


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